Career at TranSolution 

At TranSolution, our success truly began from selecting the real talent. For our most efficient online employees we offer a new field of opportunity. At TranSolution, we value power of Creativity, Curiosity, Intelligence and Commitment to all of our clients and their business needs. Our Technical Experts and Non-Technical Experts are implementing advance ideas to move up our customer’s competitive status in the global marketplace. Our success in providing outputs is rooted in the hard work, dedication and professionalism that also ensure the success of our employees. Please see the below tab of Current Openings and apply for the post. We will be glad to welcome you to the professional world of TranSolution.

Career at TranSolution

Apply as a Fresher / Trainee Translator

If you are a newcomer in the industry of translation without proper experience but with good skill, knowledge (Technical/Non Technical) and interested to know more about the professional translation industry; then TranSolution is the best place for you. We will be glad to welcome you to the professional environment of TranSolution. 

After successful completion of the trainee-ship we will provide you a Certification of Excellence and you could work with us as a Freelance Translator. For all the terms and condition please mail us with your detailed CV.

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 Apply for a post of Translator

If you are a translator with a minimum experience of translating at least 100000 word for last 2 years, you are eligible to apply for the post of Translator. For all the terms and conditions please mail us with your detailed and updated CV and a cover letter. If your application becomes successful, we will provide you all the details. 

Note: As we receive huge numbers of application every day, it becomes very difficult for us to reply all the application related mails. So please be little patient with your application. May be next selection is waiting for you. 

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Current Openings

  1. Fresher Legal Translator (Job Ref No: TSN-32B)
  2. Fresher Medical Translator (Job Ref No: TSN-32D)
  3. Fresher French Translator (Job Ref No: TSN-37A)
  4. Fresher Spanish Translator (Job Ref No: TSN-37B)
  5. Fresher German Translator (Job Ref No: TSN-37C)
  6. Website Content writer  (Job Ref No: TSN-41B)

Current Openings at TranSolution
Current Openings

  1. Legal Transcription (Job Ref No: TSN-34B)
  2. TranSolution Franchisee Distributor at USA Market (NY Area) (Job Ref No: TSN-2172)
  3. TranSolution Franchisee Distributor at Paris (Job Ref No: TSN-2173)


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