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 DOCUMENT Translation Services by TranSolution

Legal Document Translation

Legal Translation Services

At TranSolution we offer quality Legal Translation Services from or to English and other languages for any type of Legal materials you may have like,

  • Birth Certificate
  • Diploma and Certificates
  • Passport Translation
  • Legal Consent
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Patent Translation
  • Insurance Contract
  • Judgment Translation
  • Legal Notice                                                      Read More...........
Technical Document Translation

Technical Document Services

At TranSolution we are in a good position to offer you high quality Technical Translation Service since 2004 in most of the Technical subjects like,

  • Product Manual Translation
  • MSDS Translation
  • Machinery Manuals
  • Automotive Translation
  • Software Manual
  • App Localization, Software Localization
  • Chemical Translation                                     Read More......

Medicinal Document Translation

Medical Translation Services

At TranSolution we are an exclusive position to deal with any type of medical documents to or from English to other language you may have like,

  • Multimedia medical applications, Medical texts.
  • Patient information, Psychology papers.
  • User guides for medical staff and patients.
  • Medical equipment instruction manuals
  • Medical brochures and software.
  • Clinical & Pharmacological Information.
  • Toxicological & biological Information.
  • Equipment, packaging labels, Medical questionnaires.
  • Medical Consent Forms.                           Read More........ 

Localization Service 

Localization Service by TranSolution
Localization is one of the most important aspect of modern Business. With quality Localization Service you could easily promote your product at any new market. At TranSolution we are in a position to offer you high quality Localization Service since 2004 in most of the fields subjects like 

  • Product Manual
  • Machinery manuals
  • Automotive
  • App Localization
  • Web Localization                                          Read More........
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