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TranSolution, a highly professional Translation and Localization Company located at Kolkata, India provides Professional and high Quality Multilingual Transcription Service since 2004 in Indian, European, Latin American and African languages in different domains like Business, General, Medical, Legal to different companies and other translation agencies in India and World. We guarantee to complete your Transcript with your time-frame.

At TranSolution, Kolkata we value your time by providing most importance to quality and turnaround time. This is the main reason that we are successfully providing quality translation and transcription services to our customers for a period of more than 10 years on Legal Transcription, Medical Transcription, Interview Transcription and other general transcription as well as Medical Transcription projects.


TranSolution is a professionally operated company at Kolkata offering best quality translation nd Transcription services to different global companies and personal requirements. Transcription To Court Reporting Agencies, Medical Practices and all other entities who require English Transcription, French Transcription, Spanish Transcription, German Transcription, Russian Transcription, Italian Transcription, Hindi Transcription, Bengali Transcription in India, USA, Canada and other countries across the world. 

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